Two in one: piling solution and backhoe loader JCB Pilingmaster

October 10 2017

JCB PM was developed based on 4CX platform with rear piling rig replacing regular dig end and fit for purpose mast. 

JCB Pilingmaster also benefits from a front loader, with joystick control, that can be used to remove unwanted material and to clean up the site after piling. This can remove the need for a second machine on site, cutting cost for the contractor.

With an operating weight of less than 12 tonnes, the JCB Pilingmaster establishes a new market between pedestrian mini piling rigs and full size crawler machines.

Based on the four-wheel drive, four-wheel steer chassis of JCB’s most powerful backhoe loader, the Pilingmaster delivers unparalleled manoeuvrability on, and between sites. 

With a transport height of less than 4m, the machine can travel between sites under its own power at speeds of up to 40kph, reducing the need for expensive transport, cutting time and cost for the contractor. The weight and accessibility of the machine require far less site preparation than for larger crawler models, with minimal need for an extensive piling mat to be constructed. 

This reduces cost for the contractor, cutting the preparation time before piling can commence.

The JCB Pilingmaster delivers up to 1.25 tonnes of head torque, working with piling diameters of 350-600mm in diameter to a full drilling depth of 14m. With a typical 450mm auger, the machine is capable