Opening ceremony of Hyundai Motor Company

Opening ceremony of Hyundai Motor Company

February 13 2017

A press conference on February 9th covered the opening of Hyundai Motor Company’s (commercial vehicle division) official brand new sales company in Russia. For the first time ever Hyundai Motor Company is establishing a 100% subsidiary abroad that focuses on commercial vehicles.

Mr. Edward Lee, Senior Vice President, Commercial Vehicle Export Division, Hyundai Motor Company noted that in his opinion the Russian market was highly promising, and for this very reason the company opened its Russian office operating in this segment.

In 2016, in spite of the global crisis, over 102,000 Hyundai commercial vehicles were sold worldwide. As compared to 2009, the sales grew by 85%. This year Hyundai is expecting to sell 105,000 commercial vehicles globally.

The new Hyundai Truck and Bus Rus office would bring a new level of communication and dealership support, centralized product certification, new motivation and financing systems to the dealers and end consumers of Hyundai commercial vehicles.

“Avtorotor” plant in Kaliningrad will manufacture the new models. 

Hyundai Truck and Bus Rus is going to sell 2,500 trucks in Russia in 2017. Alexey Khramtsovsky, Managing Director, Hyundai Truck and Bus, said: “Considering the range of models to be launched in Russia and our entering the new commercial vehicle market segments, we are confident that Hyundai Truck and Bus Rus will contribute to the country’s economic growth.”