On-site separation will cost less

October 24 2017

The cleaner and more homogeneous the material obtained after a recycling process is, the more value it will have, both economically and ecologically. Being able to use inert materials of quality - or being able to resell them to third-party companies - is now a deciding factor for being competitive on markets.

It is precisely for this reason that having in-house machinery such as the highly productive MB Crusher screening bucket, which can quickly select any material that is homogeneous in size, makes all the difference.

Designed to work with excavators from 9 to 20 tonnes, the MB-S14 screening bucket is now effectively deployed in the 4th Series of MB Crusher products. It weighs 1.10 tonnes and has a loading capacity of 1.10 m3. It is compact with dimensions of 1700 x 1400 x 1440 mm, and has baskets made of interchangeable modular panels, which are available with various sized holes as needed.

What are the advantages over the previous version?

New clamps for locking the panels, interchangeable and more durable
Structural optimisation which reduces panel replacement times
New generation transmission, for reliability and durability
New central greasing system to reduce maintenance times
Improved strength equilibrium between the digger’s arm and the screening bucket, thus increasing productivity
Improved reliability thanks to the use of special material and robotic construction techniques