New CML190 luffing-jib crane by Comansa CM

January 18 2017

Comansa CM present its first luffing-jib tower crane, named CML190. With this brand new model, Comansa CM releases the CML Series of luffing-jib cranes, which will be completed in the following months with more cranes.

The CML190 crane comes in two versions of maximum load capacity (12 and 18 tonnes), both with maximum reach of 60 metres and different jib configurations every five metres. This luffer, as well as the upcoming models of the CML Series, have been designed under Linden Comansa’s modular system. Therefore, every component of the crane is light and compact to allow an easy transportation and a fast erection. Furthermore, the hoisting and luffing cables come preinstalled from the factory for a faster installation of the crane. 

The main technical features of the new cranes are:
Hoist mechanism placed in the front of the slewing part, which allows more drum capacity and a reduced counter-jib radius.

Different hoist winch options, to achieve maximum hoist speeds of up to 178 metres per minute and drum capacity for up to 1,280 metres of wire rope.

All hoisting, slewing and luffing movements are frequency controlled for smooth and precise manoeuvres.

The new CML cranes feature a control system, popularly known as “Level Luffing”, which allows electronic coordination between the luffing and hoisting mechanisms.

A hydraulic push and retention system allows a smooth luffing movement of the jib.

The speed of the luffing movement changes depending on the jib angle to ensure a fine approach of the load.

Both hoist and luffing movements allow microspeed mode for an optimal positioning control.

The luffing drive includes a double brake system to boost safety.

Both versions of the new model will be available for customers in Asia, Middle East and Oceania, from 2017.