Michelin new X Multi regional tyre range

May 26 2017

Michelin announces the launch of the next generation of its most popular heavy truck tyre range

for short to medium distance transport companies; the MICHELIN X Multi regional tyre.

Like all of Michelin’s heavy truck tyres, the MICHELIN X MULTI range is constructed using Michelin’s renowned high-quality casing which means it can be regrooved and is retreadable using the MICHELIN REMIX processInnovation is at the heart of Michelin’s product development and this new range of tyres incorporates the latest technologies of REGENIONTM, INFINICOILTM, POWERCOILTM and CARBIONTM, which all help deliver extra value and performance to hauliers. Fleet and tyre management will also be simplified as a result of an RFID chip integrated into each MICHELIN X Multi tyre. As ‘connected tyres’ this new range will offer access to a number of digital services, enabling individual tyre identification, improved fleet and stock management, and improved traceability of operations.

This offers operators a way to further save costs by getting the full use of the tyre in terms of the available tread rubber and the casing – both of which help improve the overall environmental performance of the tyre.

POWERCOIL technology is a new generation of lighter, yet more robust steel cables which means that the tyre is lighter but with no loss of strength or endurance.

INFINICOIL is a continuous steel wire – which can be as long as 400 metres – wrapped around the tyre to provide it with greater stability throughout its lifetime, giving the tyre more robustness and durability.
REGENION technology features self-regenerating tread blocks which include hidden grooves that appear as the tread wears to maintain grip, traction and safety throughout the tyre’s life.

CARBION is a material resulting from an innovative mixing process in which certain tread components are mixed when in a liquid state, resulting in a more uniform material. This material increases the mileage performance of the tyre and improves its rolling resistance to allow fuel savings.