LUKOIL for Hino Trucks in Russia

January 20 2017
Lukoil Lubricants Company signed a contract with Hino Motors Sales LLC, the exclusive Russian distributor of commercial vehicles manufactured by HINO, a leading Japanese automotive company. The dealer network of Hino Motors Sales will use Lukoil Avantgarde Pprofessional 5W-30 and Lukoil Avantgarde Pprofessional M5 10W-40 for aftersales service of HINO trucks (300, 500 and 700 series).

«Japanese automotive equipment is a synonym for high technology and first-rate quality. It is very important for us that the leading supplier of Japanese trucks has chosen Lukoil lubricants. This fact confirms that we are moving in the right direction creating lubricants which meet international standards.» - said Maxim Donde, General Director of Lukoil Lubricants Company.

“Prior to signing this agreement we took a close look at Lukoil’s products and visited the company’s lubricants plant in Perm. There are lubricants, which fully meet the requirements of Japan Automobile Standards Organization (JASO) in LUKOIL’s portfolio. At the same time, these products are adapted to local conditions such as extreme temperature changes and severe road conditions. We are interested in cooperation with such partners as Lukoil who are able to promptly provide HINO’s wide Russian network with high-quality lubricants.”- commented Yury Zorin, Executive Director of HINO Motors Sales LLC.