Lightweight for your convenience.

Lightweight for your convenience.

March 2 2018

The new truck-mounted concrete pump BSF36-4.16H from Putzmeister – Lightweight – is less than 8 tons on the axle!

Like the previous BSF36 models, everything here is well thought out: an ideal combination of performance and pressure on the mixture, flexibility and the use of a boom, easy cleaning and maintenance of pump components, easy and intuitive control, free training, consultation throughout the service life of the customer’s pump fleet, excellent service support, availability of spare parts and worn-out parts, and, of course, unique weight parameters of axle load in the Putzmeister line of concrete pumps.

Weight: 23.5 tons total, load on each axle is less than 8 tons!

The unfolding height is 8.5 m! Vertical reach ‒ 35.6, reach depth ‒ 23.9 m, horizontal reach ‒ 31.4. Flexibility of application ‒ four sectioned arms with a Z folding system. End hose length ‒ 4 m.

Balanced efficiency of the pump group, which is ideal for the vast majority of concreting tasks. Output: 160 m³ per hour, with delivery pressure of up to 85 bars, and a delivery piston stroke of 2100 mm. The chrome-plated cylinders have a diameter of 230 mm!

On-board is an electronic system for control, monitoring, diagnosis and signalling of malfunctions ‒ Putzmeister Ergonic ‒ for preventing emergencies and clear scheduling of operation and maintenance of the pump.

A winter-type hydraulic reservoir in constant supply. A rearview mirror with electrical actuation of main sections and heating of all parts, comfortable sprung seat for the driver with an integrated safety belt and electrical heating.

Central lubrication of the hopper, high-pressure washing and an 800 l water tank on-board.