Hammer MQP – excellent demolition tool!

February 14 2017

One of the leading world’s manufacturers of demolition equipment, which owns about 50% of European and 60% of American market share of demolition equipment, finally reached Russian market! It came in with serious intentions and for the long haul! 

Here comes unique Multi processor Hammer MQP (Multi-Quick-Processor) made in Germany.

What makes Hammer MQP so popular all over the world? The key points following:

1. Minimum «close-open» cycle duration, along with increased jaw power, achieved by four-chamber hydraulic cylinder, which increases jaw power by 20% and decreases cycle duration under the load down to only 4-5 seconds, which means Hammer MPQ works up to twice faster in comparison to most of the competitors.

2. Due to patented hydraulic circuit, multi-processor jaw can be easily changed within 10 minutes right in the field without any special maintenance tool. 

3. A rotating function of the entire Hammer demolition machine – which is driven by TWO hydraulic motors. These motors ensuring easy positioning and undertake increased loads which are common if the equipment is operated incorrectly.

4. Filters in the rotating circuit, ensuring additional protection of excavator hydraulic circuit from any oil contaminations.

Manufacturer offers 6 different jaw types for any job: combi-cutter jaw, primary crusher, pulverizer, shears for sheet metal and universal jaws. Consequently, Hammer MQP Multiprocessor is suitable for any demolition works.