Fonon Announces Release of 2016 Titan Laser Cutting System

September 16 2016

Titan FX laser cutting system capable of saving users up to $1M over typical five-year span.

Fonon Corporation (OTC: FNON) today unveiled ten major updates to the Titan family of large, flat-bed multipurpose laser cutting machines, integrating multiple subsystems and introducing several evolutionary improvements which increase end-user productivity, lower costs over time, minimize the Titan’s floor space footprint and reduce its power consumption.

Designed to consume less than 5% of the power required by common carbon dioxide (C02) laser systems, the Titan FX cutting machine is a maintenance-free, turn-key system, with an integrated laser source and heat exchange. Its laser is modular, available in 1kW, 2kW or 4kW increments, allowing users to increase the laser cutting power up to 8kW, and field-upgradeable, empowering users themselves to quickly adapt the system to changes in their production environment. This eliminates many of the high installation and maintenance costs borne by users of typical laser cutting systems. Technical advancements recently incorporated in many of Fonon’s other laser material processing systems allow the Titan FX to adjust dynamically to slight variations in thickness across the metal plate. Additionally, the updated Titan is equipped with a sealed feedback sensor, allowing flawless operation in hash industrial environments. Its frictionless, direct drive linear-motion platform, software-controlled orthogonality and lightweight bridge enable tremendously high acceleration and “cutting on the fly” capabilities.

The new Titan design eliminates several components prone to failure in typical large-format laser cutting systems, increasing the system’s long-term reliability.