CTT 2017 Exhibitors:NEW HT28 range - a blend of precision and sturdiness

May 2 2017

To simplify loading and unloading the boom on a truck while enhancing user safety, Haulotte Group developed an innovative and ultra-high-performance lighting system, ACTIV’Lighting
System-Safe Load.

The HT28 range is the first to feature this system. Located at several points around the machine, this lighting system illuminates controls and the area around the boom. Users can thus safely carry out their maneuvers.

Perfectly integrated into the upper control box cover, the new generation of secondary guarding system Haulotte Activ’Shield Bar 2.0 offers additional protection, shielding users from any risk of crushing without compromising productivity.

To make life easier Haulotte Group took care to design a telescopic boom that keeps its promises: with a maximal outreach of nearly 24 m, users can reach even the most inaccessible work areas, thanks to perfectly simultaneous movements, the telescopic boom quickly extends to full height, saving considerable time to reach the work area.

Due to machine weight limits, users cannot always load all of their equipment at once. The HT28 range addresses this issue by including a 230 kg / 350 kg dual load capacity as an option. In 350 kg mode, the platform can accommodate an extra 40% of equipment by weight.

The HT28 range was designed to move easily, even on rough terrain or inaccessible areas. 

The HT28 range is equipped with the innovative STOP Emission System that automatically stops and restarts the engine. The system reduces use of the engine and peripheral components by up to 20%, thereby extending the life of your engine and assuring higher residual value. In addition, by decreasing fuel consumption, operating costs are lowered.
And as the machine produces up to 20% less noise, operators can work in sensitive areas.

Detailed information about the products of the company Haulotte you can get at СTT 2017.

Outdoor exposition, SECTOR F, STAND F-4/4