CTT 2017 Exhibitors: Impulse Hydraulic Pile Driver

March 13 2017

During many years LLC Technopark Impulse has been designing, engineering and producing hydraulic attachments paying special attention to the Customers high quality standard demands. Hydraulic Pile Driver Impulse VP350R, which is suitable for excavators from 22 up to 35 tons and having tilt and rotation function, was successfully manufactured and tested at the end of 2015. 

Along with the first supplies of the above mentioned pile driver model, customers’ interest for heavier equipment increased. Nowadays, Technopark Impulse is ready to supply tilt-rotating pile driver for 30-40 ton excavators, which already gained a reputation of reliable and high-efficient equipment. The main difference of R-series pile drivers is tilt and rotation function, allowing grapping pile from horizontal surface, which saves up to 30% of operator’s time for pile positioning before driving it to the ground. First feedback from the partners, working with Impulse VP600R pile drivers were pretty neat: Impulse 600R allows finishing the job much faster and more efficient, due to higher power and tilt mechanism, which allows to grab pile right up from the ground.

Impulse VP600R can be equipped either with standard clamp or with tube clamp for tube diameters from 200 up to 1100 mm, or with special clamp for driving wooden piles, which are popular in the north-west region of our country.