CTT 2017 Exhibitors:Easier hose assemblies in narrow areas with Gates P1T pilot lines

May 24 2017

In confined spaces hydraulic pilot control assemblies can be challenging. Gates’ Megaflex® P1T pilot control hose is specially designed for such applications and provides superior signal response and lifetime performance. Highly appreciated by many original equipment manufacturers around Europe, the Megaflex® P1T control lines are reliable, compact, environmentally friendly and abrasion resistant.

Next to normally threaded couplings for the P1T hose, Gates also offers Quick-lok™ threadless couplings, which offer many advantages over conventional threaded couplings. The Quick-lok™ threadless couplings simply and safely push into place without the need for a tool making the job easier on tight pilot line installations. The QLD port locks the QLD stem into place for a leak-free connection and the coupling can’t be released or twisted loose during operation. There is one leak point less and component costs are lower, but also in the long run they reduce downtime as there is no assembly time lost due to rework caused by improperly torqued threaded connections.