CTT 2017 Exhibitors: CREG TBM Launched for Wangjing Tunnel in Beijing

April 3 2017

CREG’s (China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., LTD.) φ10.9m EPB TBM was launched for Beijing-Shenyang High Speed Railway Wangjing Tunnel on March 16, 2017 in Chaoyang District, Beijing.

Beijing-Shenyang High Speed Railway Project is around 700km and shall significantly enhance the connection between Beijing and Shenyang once completed.

The project contracted by CRTG has the deepest excavation trench in Beijing. The EPB TBM is to drive beneath the Airport Expressway, high speed road and several residential areas on its way. Moreover, the tunnel either crosses or runs in parallel to such important urban facilities as electricity, communication, sewage water, gas, and oil pipelines. The complicated geotechnical conditions makes the Wangjing tunnel a critical part of the overall Beijing-Shenyang High Speed Railway Project and for that reason, CREG’s TBM is required to negotiate a series of demanding jobs. For example, the machine has to run for 3,680m continuously due to the absence of maintenance stops in between. That means each system and component of the machine must be fairly enduring and reliable. 

CREG Company will take part in the 18th International Specialized Exhibition Construction Equipment and Technologies / CTT 2017. 

Detailed information about equipment of the company CREG you can get in Pavilion 3, Hall 13, Stand 13-738.