CTT 2017 Exhibitors: Cleared a New Height! Impulse сold Planer

February 27 2017

In autumn-winter season of 2016-2017 - Technopark Impulse brought into the series production unique for the Russian market Impulse planer, used for patching and taking off road surface marking. It’d be possible not to pay too much attention to this event, if it wouldn’t be a result of development & optimization of designers and LEAN production approach in creating this product – which is the best value to price ratio.

What’s the value for the customer, though?First, the top functional features of the planer: mounting frame for any skid-steer loader with oil flow 45-100 lpm, operating pressure 140-180 bar of both domestic and foreign origin. Planing depth from 0 up to 110 mm; planing width 380-400 mm; planing 70 mm away from the road kerb, i.e. practically up to it, hydraulic adjustment of displacement and depth of planing. Even in the foreign analogues all these functions are out of standard supply set or are available for skid steer loaders with High Flow. Domestic manufacturers produce planers either without any displacement function, decreasing the quality of planing of the road surface or produce planers with manual adjustment, which means operator has to leave excavator cab in any weather, even in winter frost, take special wrench and adjust height and incline of planing. Secondly, unique price offer for the Russian market: cold planer Impulse is twice cheaper than foreign analogues, that means it will win its sales market share among the “middle class” when customers have no money to over pay for the brand-name equipment, but when he has the high quality demands to the equipment, possessing by the assiduous owner.