March 9 2017

In 1842, Jerome Increase Case, aged 23, opened Threshing Machine Works, an enterprise producing and selling equipment to sift chaff from the wheat. That was the beginning of Case Company, the oldest brand in construction and agricultural industry. Since then, for 175 years, the company exists no change in profile, name and dislocation of headquarter in United States.

Over decades, brand of Case Construction confirms its leading position in development of most productive, reliable, durable and efficient machines. At present Case Construction produces more than ten product lines, over 70 heavy and compact models, from mini-excavators and compact loaders to full size wheel loaders and massive excavators. Case Construction as a part of CNH Industrial since 2014 relies on support of R&D, manufacturing and commercial resources of this global top #4 capital goods platform, to consolidate modern technologies into practical innovative machines and satisfy customer demands all over the world.

Case Construction mission is to deliver fine-tuned products built to solve challenges through more intuitive design. Every customer experience begins and ends with support from people that represent a brand known for its heritage of strong values and steeped in 175 years of expertise.