bauma CTT RUSSIA 2018 Exhibitors: Impulse Evolution Hydraulic Breaker

bauma CTT RUSSIA 2018 Exhibitors: Impulse Evolution Hydraulic Breaker

March 27 2018

Engineers of Technopark Impulse are constantly working on creating innovating solutions which are capable of changing current state of affairs in the industry of hydraulic attachments and improve the last accordingly. It helps to make them more effective, use-friendly and well-thought-out.

Today Impulse Evolution hydraulic breaker is the pick of engineering mastery at company. More than 3-years’ experience and front-end engineering allow company to create new generation equipment solving most of problems and disadvantages of classic hydraulic breakers.

Like classic design of hydraulic breakers Impulse Evolution operates quiet and smoothly. Operator doesn’t feel hard vibration and he is extremely comfortable in the excavator cabin.
Whereby excavator’s steel structures, such as boom and arm don’t undertake any damages. Lower noise and vibration level are achieved due to ultimate polyurethane shock absorbers. New powerful vibration dampers ensure better and more qualitative impacts and noise consumption. 

Impulse Evolution is ready to operate right after its working tool is slightly pushed to the material – you don’t need to push it hard and do it with the help of entire excavator weight and power. It extremely eases operator’s labor and save time on positioning of the working tool as well as increasing efficiency of demolition work.

Detailed information about the products of the company TRADICIA-K you can get at bauma CTT RUSSIA 2018

Outdoor exposition, SECTOR F, STAND F-4/1